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  • Gutter Cover Screws

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  • Premier Hat

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  • TruFlow Leaf Trap

    TruFlo Leaf Trap Outlet

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  • TruFlo Outlet

    TruFlo Outlet

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  • BOX – 25 x 4′ Lengths (100 ft) – Premier Gutter Covers

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  • Single 4′ Length – Premier Gutter Covers

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  • Premier Gutter Cover Inside Miters Corner

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  • Premier Gutter Cover Outside Corner

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  • Premier Gutter Cover End Caps

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  • Crescent Wiss Next Gen. Snips Set (3)

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What people are saying about
Premier Gutter Cover!

  • “The gutters would get torn of and damaged almost every year from the snow, The Premier cover not only allows the snow to slide of our steep metal roof without damaging the gutters it catches the 100 plus inches of rain we have annually quite well. I was skeptical now I am impressed” – Home Owner -Mt. Hood OR.
  • “I forget I even have them on…until I watch all my neighbors cleaning out their gutters.” – Home Owner -Noblesville IN.
  • “Easy to install, they work good and are tough” – Contractor -Seattle WA.
  • “The home owners always are amazed at how clean and hidden the Covers are. I am sold on how well they work” – Contractor -Baltimore MD
  • “Finally a design that is different and not just another version of the same stuff, it sells itself” – Contractor – Minneapolis MN.
  • “Best kept secret …It works in the worst conditions and on metal roofs with fir trees, snow and etc. Way less issues than any other gutter cap or screen…you have a winner” – Gutter Contractor- Mt. Hood OR.
  • “We have had every kind of leaf guard made, sent to us to distribute and the only cover we sell is Premier Gutter Cover…It is simple and it works.” – Gutter Distributor Barns City IA.
  • “I am glad I found Premier, It is the only product I have found that does what they claim. It works great on the pine needles and I do not have all the call backs, Thanks” – Contractor- Birmingham Al.
  • “I have looked at and even tried many Gutter protection products…almost 40, and The Premier is the product I put on my new house …It handles the Chicago weather like a champ” – Gutter Contractor- Chicago IL.
The affordable price makes the Premier Gutter Cover –The smart choice!
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