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What is Premier Gutter Cover?

The revolutionary Premier Gutter Cover is a gutter protection system that installs over your existing full size gutters, protecting your home from the destructive and damaging effects of rain water. Premier Gutter Cover directs rainwater into the gutter through a 1” expanded louvered aluminum section. Premier Gutter Cover can handle the heaviest rainfall. It’s patented design has a flat flush strong aluminum with UV powder coat finish, and fits 4 to 6 inch gutters.

How Does Premier Gutter Cover Work?

Gutters become clogged when leaves and debris fall onto the roof and accumulate in the gutters. Clogged and overflowing gutters can result in rot and damage to your home, lawn, basement and landscaping. Premier Gutter Cover helps keep your gutter virtually free flowing by enclosing the gutter system and channeling water through a 1” expanded aluminum opening. Because of the engineered double interlock and limited louvered expanded aluminum design which allows for maximum water flow, while using rain water to wash away or shed virtually every form of debris. Premier Gutter Cover has a patented self cleaning design.

How Much Does a Professionally Installed Premier Gutter Cover System Cost?

The installation cost is determined by many factors. All installations include an inspection and cleaning of your existing gutters. Other factors affecting cost include: number of stories of your home, the need for special equipment to perform the installation (due to the lay of the land or other variables); the condition of your roof; the necessity of fascia repair and replacement; and the linear feet of gutters and number of corners on your home. An inspection of your home by a professional contractor is necessary to provide a fair installation estimate. Premier Gutter Cover will be competitively priced on similar or equal quality systems, in many cases much less.

Why Do I Need Premier Gutter Covers?

With Premier Gutter Covers you avoid the muck and hassle of cleaning gutters yourself. You avoid the dangers of climbing a shaky ladder. You avoid the liability of having someone else clean your gutters. You help prevent clogged and overflowing gutters that can lead to rot and damage of: landscaping, lawn, shrubbery, walls, fascia boards and soffits, foundation, basement, crawl spaces and existing gutter system. Stop worrying about your gutters and start enjoying the peace of mind that a Premier Gutter Cover system provides.

Will Premier Gutter Cover Affect My Roof Warranty?

Premier Gutter Cover is attached only to your gutter. No penetration to the roof or structure is performed. Our installation procedures and methods have been evaluated and approved by the major roofing companies. This allows the Premier’s to expand and contract without damaging your gutters or roof.

My Roof is Very Steep. Will Water Shoot Over The Premier Gutter Covers?

The angle of a roof is called pitch. Premier Gutter Cover is engineered to work on any pitch roof, from nearly flat to vertical. Water will flow into your gutters, regardless of the pitch and roof style.
Please note valley components can be added check installation page.

How Strong Is Premier Gutter Cover?

Premier Gutter Cover Multiple Patents design is precisely engineered to provide maximum strength and minimum stress to your gutters. Premier Gutter Cover works well in heavy snowfalls and high winds. Each Premier comes in 4ft sections allowing for easy replacement if tree damage occurs, without replacing long sections.

How Will Premier Gutter Cover Affect The Look of My Home? What Colors Are Available?

Premier Gutter Cover is designed flush to blend into the natural architectural style of your home. Colors are available that match the roof shingle, gutter, or home as closely as possible so that an installed system becomes almost an invisible year-round protection from the damage caused by overflowing gutters. Colors White, Black and Brown. White & Black has a normal finish. Brown is a highgloss finish to speed water up. Great for low sloping 4/12 pitch roofs.

Will Premier Gutter Cover Prevent Ice Dams?

Premier Gutter Cover can help reduce the amount of ice build-up in your gutters which slows the freeze/thaw expansion process that causes gutter seams to split, hangers to loosen, and gutters to pull off the house. Ice dams are caused by poor ventilation. We have been told by contractors in Northern regions, “That Premiers is the only gutter protection that works with deicing and heat tape systems”.

Will Premier Gutter Covers protect against extreme debris such as fir and pine needles?

Premier Gutter Cover wants to reveal the hidden secrets behind debris management. Most companies want you to think or “they think” they have built a magic wand instead of a debris filter. We at Premier Gutter Cover recognize that proper debris management is the Key to success. The Premier Gutter cover “filters out” self cleans large, medium and a high percentage of small debris…but not all. This is what the industry wants you to think it should do it all, not true. Equally important is water flow and not restricting it. Most national chains convert all down spouts to large 4 x 3 size down pipe to accomplish this task. While this is effective it still adds cost. It is important to have good flow and make sure you have at least one downspout per 35ft section, depending on size of roof. In some cases an extra downspout does wonders. Premiers where designed tested in the rain forests around and on Mt. Hood Oregon with its mammoth fir and evergreens. The local Gutter contractors will use only the Premier in the region.

Will Premier Gutter Cover make it so I never have to do anything again?

Premier Gutter Cover cannot magically remove huge amounts of debris off of your roof. You still have to perform an annual roof maintenance in high build up areas such as valleys just like any gutter protection out there.

What is the Warranty for Premier Gutter Covers?

See Premier Gutter Cover warranty information under our link Instructions.

Who Can I Call For Other Questions?

Contact your Premier Gutter Cover representative by visiting the Contact Us page. Email us with your questions or comments.

What are the Industry secrets?

We are not out to insult our competition yet we feel facts and education are imperative too people making correct decision….Not just heavy marketing. Most Large franchised gutter protection companies have big bulky looking hoods, but what they do not show you is most have valley covers that have large holes and are perforated (1/2 inch or bigger holes in some cases). Then they change over all the downspout to larger ones, as to flush the Debris that do get in. The valley is where up to 70 % of roof rain water and debris can gather and flow down Thus the big secret “need for proper flow”. You can spend big money, change the look of your home and buy the hype of the hood and cover industry big boys…Or even worse can be the small companies that have copied the franchise design and do not address the inherent weaknesses. Last is a new breed of heavy micro screens that allow debris to just sit and mulch into sledge. The rely on heavy wind to clean of the small garden that tends to develop on top of their gutter protection.

We trust you will choose Premier Gutter Cover as we have spent over 25 years designing and producing a product that does not require annual call backs. Instead of expensive hype marketing. Premier Gutter Cover’s patented debris shedding design is sleek, affordable and the amazing water flow style is effective… for the Smart Choice!

What people are saying about
Premier Gutter Cover!

  • “The gutters would get torn of and damaged almost every year from the snow, The Premier cover not only allows the snow to slide of our steep metal roof without damaging the gutters it catches the 100 plus inches of rain we have annually quite well. I was skeptical now I am impressed” – Home Owner -Mt. Hood OR.
  • “I forget I even have them on…until I watch all my neighbors cleaning out their gutters.” – Home Owner -Noblesville IN.
  • “Easy to install, they work good and are tough” – Contractor -Seattle WA.
  • “The home owners always are amazed at how clean and hidden the Covers are. I am sold on how well they work” – Contractor -Baltimore MD
  • “Finally a design that is different and not just another version of the same stuff, it sells itself” – Contractor – Minneapolis MN.
  • “Best kept secret …It works in the worst conditions and on metal roofs with fir trees, snow and etc. Way less issues than any other gutter cap or screen…you have a winner” – Gutter Contractor- Mt. Hood OR.
  • “We have had every kind of leaf guard made, sent to us to distribute and the only cover we sell is Premier Gutter Cover…It is simple and it works.” – Gutter Distributor Barns City IA.
  • “I am glad I found Premier, It is the only product I have found that does what they claim. It works great on the pine needles and I do not have all the call backs, Thanks” – Contractor- Birmingham Al.
  • “I have looked at and even tried many Gutter protection products…almost 40, and The Premier is the product I put on my new house …It handles the Chicago weather like a champ” – Gutter Contractor- Chicago IL.
The affordable price makes the Premier Gutter Cover –The smart choice!
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