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Premier Gutter Cover – Installation Instructions

Download Installation Instructions Here – Copy Also Included In Every Box

  1. Clean and flush ALL gutters and downspouts that are to be protected with Premier Gutter Cover*(PGC).
  2. Repairs and replacing gutters and downspouts as needed.
  3. ALL gutters and downspouts installed correctly, Gutters should be slopped properly to flow to downspouts (no standing water).
  4. 3″ x 4″ downspouts with proper drop cup outlets are recommended (largest possible).
  5. Stainless screws or properly coated screws only to install PGC to Gutter and avoid electrolysis.
  6. PS end cap at the end of each installation, just inside and above gutter end cap.
  7. PS outside corner over outside corner seam.
  8. High flow insert installed on inside corners as needed.
  • A. PGC must be installed with flat solid metal slid under the starter course of composition roofing..( Do not rip tar paper)If not possible, it is then acceptable to install PGCs under first layer of tabs. Minimum of 1 inch of flat metal under roofing is required in both applications. Same procedure with metal and shake roofs.1.) PGC must be installed with minimum of one inch (1″) of louvered screening exposed for water to pass through,
    NOTE; Never install PGC as to allow water to back up under roofing and cause water damage to home structure.
  • Pitch forward is needed for proper debris shedding and water drainage (more than horizontal) minimum of 1⁄2 Inch drop from lowest portion of roof to outside edge/ lip of gutter attachment point,
    1.) Bend PGC at v -grove line to match pitch of roof on steeper pitched roofs.
    2.) Handle mesh section with care. It must remain without wrinkles (properly louvered).
    NOTE; never install if attachment point outside edge of gutter is higher than lowest point of roof. Do not create a valley on PGC surface that can hold debris, or cause water to back up or flow toward roof, water must flow away.
  • Fasteners noted (1-E) should be used by securing PGC to the outside top lip of gutter through holes in front angle of PGC (3 per section) more
    screws can and should be added in snow and high wind regions
    NOTE; Install Premier Gutter Covers to the gutter only never penetrate, drill, or secure PGC to the roof or structure of a home.
  • Cut and Install ALL outside corners, inside corners, high flow inserts and or deflectors as needed (see pictures bellow).
    1.) Install PS outside corner on seam.
  • Install balance of PGC straight runs, overlapping each cover 1⁄2″ – 3/4″(see pictures bellow)
    1.) Trim final PGC to proper length at end of each gutter section
    2.) Install PS end caps at end of gutter runs inside and above gutter end cap. This insure all water traveling down v-groove to fall into gutter as
    well as protects from debris and or animals from entering gutter.
    3.) Cut and install a smaller 1’ section above downspouts for ease of future interface if ever needed.
3. ANNUAL INSPECTION -should be performed for any damage and debris build up. (Roof Valleys should be cleaned as needed)

Warranty on other side and voided if PGC and accessories are installed improperly and or water damage associated with installation.

For all PS-end caps, PS-outside corners, High flow inserts or any other install questions inquire with local Distributor or call PGC
1-866-698-6898 or email [email protected]


(Download Warranty PDF Here, also included in every box)

Premier Gutter Cover LLC, warrants that under normal, natural elements of nature, (sunlight, rain, snow, ice, etc.) And when
properly maintained, Premier Gutter Cover LLC will not peel, crack, chip or blister for a period of twenty (20) years (finish only).
Premier Gutter Cover LLC has provided this standard limited warranty. A Limited Warranty of performance and proper installation
can only be issued by a factory certified and registered approved installer. Premier Gutter Cover LLC has no control over the
installation of this product. Any unauthorized modification to the Premier Gutter Cover LLC system which is not authorized in the
Installation Instructions and or adversely affects the product’s performance or improper installation of Premier Gutter Cover will
terminate Premier Gutter Cover’s responsibilities under this limited warranty.

Manufacturer shall from time to time advise Supplier in writing of the warranty or warranties applicable to the products. Supplier or
Installer is expressly prohibited from extending any warranty or warranties on behalf of Manufacturer to any person.

In any event and not withstanding anything in this instrument to the contrary, Manufacturer’s liability under any warranty shall be
discharged by replacing not repairing any part or parts which may prove defective under normal or proper use, within the effective
period of the warranty, if shown to be defective by proper evidence submitted to Manufacturer this would include and not limited to
Bill of sale, Warranty (properly completed) and defective product. Manufacturer shall have no liability whatever for any incidental or
consequential damages. (i.e. dry rot, mold, mildew, etc.) or effects from Severe weather & natural disasters (fire, tornado, earthquake,
golf ball hail and any acts of God).

It is expressly agreed that any and all warranties and/or guarantees as dated shall immediately cease and terminate, not withstanding
anything in this instrument to the contrary, in the event that any parts and/or structural components or appurtenances thereto are
altered or modified by Supplier, Installer or the user of the Products without the expressed written consent of Manufacturer Premier
Gutter Cover LLC.
This Warranty must be registered with manufacturer within 30 calendar days of installation to be activated and
considered valid for any credits or compensations made as a result from a claim.

Authorized Installing Agent / Company______________________________________________
Name of Customer ______________________________________________________________
Installation address ____________________________________________________________________
Date of installation _____________________ Qty. (feet installed) ______________________

Mail completed document to bellow address within 30 days of install for activation of above Warranty

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  • “The gutters would get torn of and damaged almost every year from the snow, The Premier cover not only allows the snow to slide of our steep metal roof without damaging the gutters it catches the 100 plus inches of rain we have annually quite well. I was skeptical now I am impressed” – Home Owner -Mt. Hood OR.
  • “I forget I even have them on…until I watch all my neighbors cleaning out their gutters.” – Home Owner -Noblesville IN.
  • “Easy to install, they work good and are tough” – Contractor -Seattle WA.
  • “The home owners always are amazed at how clean and hidden the Covers are. I am sold on how well they work” – Contractor -Baltimore MD
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